"Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to."

Welcome to Picolo Velo, your ultimate destination for all things cycling! Founded by Camille Dupont, a fervent cycling enthusiast and globetrotting adventurer, Picolo Velo is a hub designed to inspire, inform, and unite the cycling community.


Our Mission:

At Picolo Velo, we are fueled by the passion for cycling and the belief that it can transform lives. Our mission is to create a vibrant online space where cyclists of all levels can come together to discover the joy of riding, explore breathtaking routes, and unlock the full potential of their cycling adventures. We strive to be your go-to resource for expert reviews, essential training tips, captivating travel guides, and inspiring stories that ignite the wanderlust within every cyclist.


What We Offer:

– Comprehensive Bike Reviews: We provide in-depth reviews and recommendations on the latest bikes, gear, and accessories, helping you make well-informed decisions that suit your cycling needs and preferences.


– Discover Inspiring Routes: Unearth a treasure trove of cycling routes and trails that cater to various interests and fitness levels. From leisurely urban rides to challenging off-road escapades, there’s something for every cycling enthusiast.


– Enhance Your Performance: Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting, our training and fitness section offers valuable insights and practical advice to elevate your performance and overall well-being.


– Join the Cycling Community: Connect with like-minded cyclists, participate in group rides, and stay updated on exciting cycling events and races happening around the globe.


– Maintain and Repair: Our maintenance and repair guides equip you with essential know-how to keep your bike in top shape, ensuring a smoother and safer riding experience.


Why Choose Us:

At Picolo Velo, we are more than just a website; we are a community of passionate cyclists who share a common love for the open road and the freedom that comes with it. We take pride in delivering trustworthy, unbiased content, as our focus lies solely on providing valuable information and inspiration to fellow cycling enthusiasts.


Join us on this exhilarating journey, and let Picolo Velo be your trusted companion as you pedal toward thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences on two wheels. Embrace the joy of cycling with us, and together, we’ll create lasting memories that revolve around the spirit of Picolo Velo!


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Happy cycling!


The Picolo Velo Team